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The Site Management Kit (SMK) is based on a system of rugged, portable wireless cameras feeding into a powerful wireless LAN which covers a whole demining operation area up to a radius of 20Km.
The system consists of 3 main module types: SMK BASE, SiteEye camera/mic modules, and SiteKiosk boxes for system interaction and communications. The SMK BASE is a stationary, self contained, central control station containing the wireless LAN hub, server PC, satellite uplink, local user controls, and UPS power system.
Several SiteEye modules (cameras with sound) are wireless, battery driven, rugged and portable. Powerful easy to exchange batteries allow 24 hours of operation on various locations with the option of solar power where appropriate. The SiteKiosk boxes are a payphone sized kiosk with displays, cameras, keyboards, speakers and microphones which facilitates various modes of monitoring, recording and communicating internal to the network and externally via the satellite link to outside sites.
The modules are packaged in MIL specification enclosures and feature a stacking type assembly for surviving the extreme conditions found in field operations. Various Add-ons complete the System: Tripods, Adapters, lenses with different focal length, a RC-Camera Carrier, which can be driven in uncleared area etc. All elements of the system are push-button and easy to handle.


- Supervision of Demining operations,
- Video and audio communications between site management and staff
- Visual control of remote machines and other equipment.
- Security of operational area, camp sites, ammunition dumps, fleet tracking and logging.


- Automatic recording for backup of all actions
- Integration of IR- and Motion Sensors
- On pre-defined events (IR-or Motion) the system automatically generates signals or sends emails
- Live-feed via WebServer into the Internet for worldwide transmission.
- Spare part logistics, technical or medical consultancy, donor satisfaction and control etc.


- Centralized monitoring of Humanitarian Site Activities
- Vision (Wireless Video Camera and WebCam system incl. IR- and Motion Sensors)
- Audio
- Communications
- Remote Control
- Sensor Data Processing


- C3I for Humanitarian Demining
- C3I for Refuge Camps
- Evidence Gathering
- Conference Coverage


- Portable
- Rapid Deployment
- Ease of Use



A small webbased Camera on a remote controlled vehicle observing an item.


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A Camera mounted on a 5m long mast for observing demining operations.