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Based on the very successful experience with MgM Rotar MK I, a further version was developed and named MK2. It is based on a lighter carrier vehicle and including additional demining tools. Rotar MK-I was built on a fully armoured Caterpillar 916 front-end loader specifically designed for maximum threat scenarios including anti-tank mine blasts. For scenarios with a minor threat level such as are frequently found in Mozambique, Laos, Cambodia etc a lighter version would be desirable because of better maintenance/running costs.

The carrier is an armoured Caterpillar 428c back-hoe tractor. In the front, it has either its normal bucket or an MgM type Rotar bucket to sift mines. The operation mode involves taking mine infested soil into the bucket, driving it to a designated area, tumbling the content to sift out all objects smaller than the given gridsize, then moving to another designated area and opening the bucket in a movement that lays the content larger than the screen size in a thin layer to enable easy visual inspection. To the back actor, a mulching device can be attached in order to cut vegetation for manual demining, dog mine sniffing or Rotar operation.

Other possible attachments are the standard excavation bucket, a CEG AirSpadeÆ or mine detection sensors. The mine-protected cab includes a video control system to enable monitoring of the rotar bucket's content. Without the operator leaving the cabin, the system allows stand-alone operation - apart from safety/medical backup. A VHF radio, manuals and a spare parts package is included as a matter of course.



Rotar MK2 picture gallery

Rotar siffting suspect soil
Mulching bushes