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The HEC MAXXplus is the Robotic version of the MAXXv1.

The first version of the MAXX proved the concept and now HEC offers MAXXplus.
MAXXplus further enhances Version 1 with the addition of the
Robotics suite, improved chassis/tracks, a purpose built armor body, trailer
and the improved TURTLE+. HEC can also provide purpose built attachments
like a Mini-Rotar and/or sensor suites as chosen by US DoD NVESD HDP.


MAXXplus will see the operator working via remote control and a
wireless video system from a very small armored vehicle called Turtle. The
operator takes control of MAXX and can operate it visually and via CCTV
system at a minimum safety distance of 10 meters, which will protect them
against all known types of landmines.
The complete system, which includes:
MAXXplus, Turtle, trailer, maintenance kit and training, can reliably perform
a range of day by day tasks in humanitarian demining operations which range
of optional attachments. Additionally, HEC is replacing the factory soft
skin body with a new armor steel body. This armor incorporates some changes
that improve its suitability for Demining applications, threats and

as vegetation cutter

as mobile mine sifter

the remote contorls

OCS vision system


Tool set

Technical Specifications

Turtle Sketch

System Sketch