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HEC APC - Armoured Personnel Carrier

MPV and Modular Pallet System

MPV and Modular Pallet System HEC designed a 4x4 10 ton mine-resistant and armoured vehicle with a range of modular pallets for non-combat operations.HEC has made provisions for more practical fixtures relating to the nature of HD and other humanitarian tasks without compromising the outstanding performance, durability and protection. The HEC-APC features a high-roof cab and matching high roof on the pallets, it has two doors on the side of the cab instead of one only in the back, a cab pressurization system incorporated into the heating&cooling pack and comes with state-of-the-art communication kits.

The wide range of extra security features include dual electrical systems and on-board fire suppression. Overall visibility under all conditions is vastly improved. For special applications, a long-wheel-base version is available. HEC designed special modules for many applications, including OPS Cube, Ambulance Cube, Fire Suppression Pallet etc. A couple of units are operational in Angola since 2003.

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Main Technical Specifications

The System





• 6 cylinder turbo - diesel
224 hp or 162 Kw @ 2400 rpm

• 9860 kg / L: 6,36m / W: 2,5 m / H: 2,83 m

• Maximum road speed : 125 km / h
Maximum cross - country speed : 90 km / h - terrain dependant
Range : 960 km with on - board fuel

• Maximum gradient : 70% or 35
Side slope : 34% or 17

• Mine protection:
Triple anti-tank mine ( 21 kg TNT ) under any wheel
Double anti - tank mine ( 14 kg TNT ) under hull
IED protection: 14 kg TNT + 500gr shrapnel @ 3 meters side blast
Bullet proof @ 10 m

• Field repairable after detonation

• Ideal for deployment as mobile mine detection platform