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• Powerful hydraulic prime mover built COTS – Commercial-Off-The-Shelf
• Turret rotates 360° on the top, so no driving into uncleared area is necessary
• Modular tool set of standard and special attachments
• Maximum mobility on and off road
• Total versatility at reasonable invest and low running costs

• Fully robotic version and semi automated processes
• Digitally controlled version allows semi automated processes
• Advanced wireless video system
• Small armored control vehicle designated the Turtle
• High tech sensor carrier

The Rotar MK2 is a multi-tool workhorse, which includes the functions of a Rotar, Mulcher, Crane, Dozer, Scraper, Loader, Excavator, Tipper etc.
Its benefits of versatility, safety, low investment and sustainability through reduced operating costs outweigh the slightly better performance of a combination of a few, expensive, single purpose machines.

HEC APC - Armoured Personnel Carrier:
• Mine-resistant and armored
• Modular Pallet System allows multiple mission bodies (rear)
• Modified for humanitarian tasks in hazardous areas
• State-of-the-art communications
IPR Hendrik Ehlers

The Site Management Kit is based on a system of rugged, portable wireless cameras feeding into a powerful wireless LAN which covers a whole demining operation area up to a radius of 20Km.
The system consists of 3 main module types: SMK BASE, SiteEye camera/mic modules, and SiteKiosk boxes for system interaction and communications. The SMK BASE is a stationary, self contained, central control station containing the wireless LAN hub, server PC, satellite uplink, local user controls, and UPS power system.

• A pallet sized, powerful mobile battery based, mains power source with intelligent power management
• It needs only a few hours of generator input to fully charge up
• Provides constant multiple current output over 48 plus hours
• Provides enough power for full charging cycles of rechargeable batteries for detectors, GPS, Notebook computers, Radios, Satellite Telephones, etc
• Provides a demining camp with all necessary power for communications, lights and fans

• IT solution that links important points of Mine Action in real time
• Important data flow on daily work documentation, sheets and pictures
• High speed ISDN satellite feed
• Lower running costs than existing satellite data transmission technology

In Namibia HEC provides GiS services to the Namibian Government in partnership with Lux-Development NGO in order to make police and army data IMSMA compatible.
New systems to link satellite imagery, aerial surveys, and terrestrial surveys into IMSMA compatible formats are under development.
The latest efforts are being applied to the integration of high-speed digital photography into traditional aerial surveys to exclude film lab and scanning procedures and make this an easy-to-handle field tool.